For the past sixteen years, I've been working with Information Technology to help people and companies develop cutting edge solutions to complex business problems.

These days, I work to help management decide how to best use technology to meet organizational goals, serve customers and plan the future of the business. Working on internal projects as well as on solutions for customers and clients, I've had extensive experience in planning and supporting a wide array of projects and initiatives spanning multiple programming languages, environments, products and locations.

My background is in both IT Consulting as well as software development - during my career I've had many different responsibilities and titles. More than anything, flexibility and adaptability have been the mainstays of my IT experience: the ability to constantly adapt to new technologies and responsibilities has been a requirement in every position I've held.


A May 2004 graduate of the Red McCombs School of Business, I hold a Bachelors of Business Administration degree in Management of Information Systems. One of the top Business Technology programs in the nation, my experiences at the University of Texas have been immensely valuable for both my personal and professional development.

A 100% self-funded student, I worked 45-50 hours per week throughout my tenure at the University, while simultaneously taking a 15-18 hour course load, year-round. This experience was both immensely difficult, and extremely valuable. The massive commitment of time and energy this balancing-act required was something which gave me extensive experience in time management, prioritization and the insight into the essential nature of hard work and dedication to the realization of success.


Currently available on a full time or contract basis, I welcome any and all inquiries. Please see my resume , employment history and background, and if you feel that I may be a valuable addition to your company, I would love to hear from you. Salary, hours and travel time are all flexible and negotiable. I am available for consultations or contract work immediately, rates available upon request.


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